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User Guide:


Touch screen


Carsharing guide with Electric Easy cars.



> How to start the booking ?  




check in


Pass your badge on the windscreen in front of the badge reader : the vehicle opens and the booking starts.

Unplug and wind the charging cable on the ElectricEasy’s station.

Take the touch screen in the glove compartment and plug in it to its support.Do the check in : Mandatory !

You can start the vehicle, the key is under the dashboard.



> How to leave the vehicle without ending the booking ??



1. Remove the key. Leave the key in the vehicle. 

2. Get out of the vehicle and pass your badge in front of the badge reader.



AttentionThe vehicle closes but your booking is still valid.You can open the vehicle at any moment by passing the badge in front of the badge reader.


AttentionPlease not that the access to the vehicle will be possible until you end the booking.


> How to extend the booking ?



  • With the touch screen : click on « extend booking»  
  • Select the time you need.

prolonger par téléphone

  • The system consults the schedule to check the availability of the vehicle and confirms or not the extension.
  • With the Call Center 0800 002 854 : an operator deals with the extension of the booking with you.


> How to end the booking ?



débrancher check out quitter Carte
  • Remove the key. Get out of the vehicle and plug the vehicle’s charging cable in the charging station. 
  • Do the check out : mandatory: Mandatory !
  • Press the buton « end of booking » of the touch screen and check that you did not forget anything. 
  • Pass your badge on the badge reader. The vehicle closes, your booking is over. 


Once the booking is over, you do not have any access to the vehicle !


> What to do in case of technical / using problem ?


Call the Call Center : 0800 002 854.

An operator will assist you and will set up the required solutions in order to resolve the problem.